Little League Baseball: The False Air Of Rumors About It

‘Fox’ reported that amidst the common undercurrent notion among the American parents that Youth Baseball and League Baseball participation is on a decline; the participation in the overall sport of Baseball is indeed on the rise. If they’d have you believe than it’s the Little League and Minor League; looking at some exponential escalations in participation having started in 2015 till the next 5, say 10 years.

Rawlings 5150
Alloy Aerospace Grade Alloy
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.4 Star Rating
Louisville Slugger
ST 7U1+ Alloy
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.4 Star Rating
Easton MAKO
TCT Thermo Composite
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.4 Star Rating
Marucci Cat 6
AZ3000 alloy
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.6 Star Rating
DeMarini Voodoo One
One-Piece X14 Alloy
Length to Weight Ratio:
3.7 Star Rating
Easton S150
Alx50 Military grade aluminum
Length to Weight Ratio:
3.9 Star Rating
Cold Steel 92BSS
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.7 Star Rating
Aerospace Alloy
Length to Weight Ratio:
4 Star Rating
Louisville Slugger 3X
Ash Wood
Length to Weight Ratio:
3.9 Star Rating
Mizuno MZM 100
Hard Maple
Length to Weight Ratio:
4.4 Star Rating

Nowadays we can see a lot of youngsters lining up to give trails for these teams at school, and why wouldn’t they starting early always pays off. Little leagues have given the major and pro leagues a total of 43 players, which indeed is a great number given the fact, number of students drop out of the game before they get to make their first career home run.

So if your son, in any case, has chosen to take on the baseball bat and break off the windows in the neighborhood right at a very young age, don’t worry and get him that Baseball Bat.

Things You Should Know About The Little League

Now with all the kinds of league bats in the market and the lack of awareness that most parents suffer from when they’re getting their kid that baseball bat, most of them end up buying something completely different from a Best Suited Little League baseball Bat. Thus there are few things one should know before buying the Baseball bat for their Little League Players.

The Difference Between Little League And Pony League

Pony League is just a distant cousin of Little League with one major difference and other trivial differences. Pony League only allow players an age gap of 2 years within a division while in Little league players get to rub shoulders with more experienced team mates with the allowed age gap of 3 years.

The ground size, permissible tactics and scaled diamonds make the Little League more competitive than the diluted version. This also changes the peculiars of the equipment used and the tactics used. The baseball bat that Little league uses, resemble more to the bat used in Pro Leagues (not in size but ratios and weight distribution). This makes the kids to adapt more easily to the higher league equipment when the transfer.

Pony leagues do offer a factor of ease in the training of your kid but then again it also slows down the transition of kids from school teams to major plays. Look out for which team you enroll for and the kind of Bat, Mittens and Balls you get for the same. If there’s anything about the differentiation in these plays, its the equipment centric rules and tight training corresponding to it.

Recent changes in Bat Qualification Rules by Little League®️ International 2018

The most important thing to be marked with this new regulation is that the Litlle League Bats sanctioned for the Season 2017 by the association have now been de-regulated and would no longer be acceptable to play with if your child is playing in Little League (Major), Intermediate (50-70) Division or Junior League Division, USSSA Travel Team.

Besides that all Little League bats can either adhere to the BBCOR which means that the bats can have an extended barrel of 2 ⅝” which allows them to shake of the trampoline effect or the vibrational hurt they feel when they hit the ball with a One Piece Bat.

The weight distribution as per BBCOR and swing drop makes your child hit harder, more technical and with complete safety. These are all the things which otherwise you’d have looked over, had you visited the local store to get one for your player.

With online options and line of tested, certified and quality Baseball Bats, it’s better to go for an informed pick rather than have your child practice with the wrong bat.

The Top Brands for Little League Baseball Bats: Best 5

Due to such specification and specialization in the market of baseball bats, there are obviously only a few organizations in place to provide for the Most Trusted Baseball Bats. Keeping in mind the sanctity of the sport and the quality to your child’s sporting career while managing to keep your pocket safe is not a cakewalk. Let’s know something about these brands.

Easton Baseball Inc. |

Easton Baseball Inc. is perhaps something that you’ll find in any Baseball player’s playing kit by some or the other way. They are the most reviewed and most popular Baseball equipment brand in all Leagues. They have a long standing repute with NCAA Collegiate teams, and have supplied to many pro league and major league teams with their equipment for a while. The key to their business being, their interest in not just making baseball bats but innovating them to add features. Over the years they’ve added many features to the bat and thus made the players chose this bat more often than others.

Mizuno Corporation |

The international front of the European organization by the name of Mizuno, this company has deep roots into any and all kinds of sporting equipment. Mizuno has gone very deep into providing not only sporting goods but also services helping players reach ultimate limits. Mizuno Baseball equipment works on the basis of a good engineering team that is dedicated to ergonomic and physical upkeep of the user along with compliance to the best industry practices. They’ve also recently started to make a move into the fair trade practices which makes them more appealing as a provider.

De Marini by Wilson Sporting Goods |

If you go by the word of the market and would like to know which are the most sold bats in the town then it’s the De Marini Sporting Goods. Dedicated to innovation in enhancing the capacity of the Baseball Bats, this company started out by revolutionizing the Bat hitting capacity by Double Covering Wood which sold 10000 bats per year more than any other competitor. Now owned by Wilson Sporting Goods this company has got even greater R&D facility known as DLAB® (, and provides most optimized solutions for Baseball equipment to leisure and professional players.

Franklin Sports |

Take a random look at your Batting Gloves and tell us if they’re not by Franklin. All Professional League Teams from MLB to Challenger Divisions have one supplier for their batting glove needs and its Franklin Sports. Doesn’t mean that they’re only good at gloves, about 30 years ago they developed a profound line of Baseball Bats which are still reviewed, tested and improvised every year so as to keep up with the standards. These are the people who know that standards mean the world to associations and they have the strictest compliance records for any changes or league overhauls through the past 60 years.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company |

For any baseball player Rawlings comes not only as a Baseball Equipment provider but it comes with a sensation of belonging like a mark of allegiance. Rawlings is the face and fame of Baseball with popular players like Mickey Mantle, Kris Bryant, Yadier Molina on its team. Rawlings is the Official Equipment Supplier of Major League Baseball®, NCCA® and Basketball equipment for National High School Federation®. Says, something about their repute, doesn’t it? With the trust of the leading players and the kind of panache it has in the league circles, the equipment they provide is sure bound to be great.

List of Top 10 Little League Baseball Bats - Tested | 2018 Rules Checked | Most Reviewed picks

There are a few tricks that we mentioned about the regulations involving new standards of LLB Bats, but then again; we’ve got for you the list of Top 10 Little League Baseball Bats. This list comes after consultation from professional League Coaches and after tests on the little league grounds.

Rawlings 2018 5150 USA Baseball Bat (-11, 10, 5)

This version comes in all variations of Drop weight (-11, -10 and -5), but according to Little League Standards and your child’s own usage concerns, you should go for the one with -10 drop weight. Rawlings 5150 comes in one piece alloy construction which makes it a rugged piece of tool to hit that ball hard across the ground. The grip is contoured with Fishskin covering to help your child hold it firm and not loosen the grip due to sweating which is a common issue with younger players. It’s barrel size is neither too small (2 ¼”) nor to large (2 ⅝”); its a perfect (2 ¾”) which makes it perfect tool for transitioning players. Choose this for the perfect optimization of dimensions, user comfort and absolute conformance to the regulations.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018

Now, if your player likes to have a good area to hold the grip and not those slimy small grip bats, then you need to go with this Slugger. Louisville Slugger Ohama 518 is a series specially dedicated to the changes in the Little League Baseball and thus it comes out as the best choice for anyone looking for a Baseball bat for their young one. It’s got a good grip of standard 5/7” and has a weight drop of -10 but the most important is the 7 series alloy with which it has been made. Built to resist high impulses, shock resistant and BBCOR 3.0 conforming. It has a good aerodynamic end cap design that makes swinging through air most easy while arresting the restitution. Choose this one for the customization it provides to your player and the durability it offers with the better alloy quality and end cap design build to last.

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat

These are the people who made it large by injecting technology deep into their bats. Easton is the company a juggling yet permanent member of the Top 3 Baseball Bat Manufacturing Company of the USA. Easton Mako in this case is a composite two piece bat with great many features. The TCT (Thermo Composite Technology) is the material technology that allows the bat to have extra barrel area on contact, one that allows for us to have a lot many sweet spots for effective hitting. Absorption of impact energy to expand the composite area of the barrel so that it delivers a higher contact between ball and the bat is simply awesome.

Besides they have this patented ConneXion tech which is known for its delivery of maximum energy transfer through the conjoining pieces of the Handle and Barrel, besides it also has the property to eliminate 86% more vibrations than any other bat in the market of the similar make. With the surety of hitting the ball right, at a good spot an with minimal effort applied in doing so, Easton Mako turns out to be the best in class option when it comes to tech making the game easy.

Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Marucci is that brand which takes it all away by the might of being more technically compliant than anyone else. There wouldn’t be much tech that’s new but the one that is there will have been accredited by multiple fail safes. For example it has AZX4 alloy a better version if regular aluminium based alloys which others use. It’s got a shock absorption ring which comes after having the bat precision balanced in an all DOI making facility therefore reducing all possibility of any shock being transferred to the user’s grip. Apart from the that all it comes with engineered barrel ends with inside wall thickness trimmed to provide best pop out of the swing, and the one year warranty becomes the cherry on top. Choose this for the mixed bag of perfect features.

DeMarini 2018 Voodoo One (-10) 2 5/8 Balanced USA Baseball Bat

The De Marini Voodoo One comes from the esteemed brand of Wilson Sporting Goods Company itself. There are few peculiar features which set this one aside from others. It’s got a RCK knob that helps one to adjust perfectly the grip and not keep feeling the end of the handle bothering you from hitting with confidence. For anyone who might have shot with a one piece bat, they must know how bothering it is to have that handle end pricking through your palm all the time.

Besides this one comes with a 3 Point Fusion End Cap which in addition to being a strengthening joint is also a premierly weigh balancing part of the bat and thus it helps one to hit the shots worthy of the sport. Apart from this they have their own variant of X14 alloy which in the industrial fraternity is known for its shock absorbing capabilities. Choose this one for the extra set of abilities it has and for the price band at which it comes. We always pick one pocket friendly option for you and this time De Marini Voodoo is the one.

Next 5 picks for Baseball Bats: Little League

There are some other honorable mentions in this list of top 10 which are mentioned as follows. We strongly suggest you to scroll through these options as well and chose based on you better understanding of what might work out for you.

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S150 Youth Baseball Bat -10

Cold Steel 92BSS Brooklyn Bats, Crusher

2018 Centerfire (-11) Youth Baseball (USABat)

Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed Baseball Bat

Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat - MZM 110

Buying Guide | Baseball Bats for Younger Leagues

Even after knowing the bat brands and bat picks one can still be confused about some aspects of buying LLB Bats, so we’re providing you with some buying tips to make your purchase more easier.

Size constraints | Always a problem for Young players

It’s not necessary to merely type in the name of the Little League Baseball Bat that you’ve chosen and then buy from the first links that come up. Even if you do your checks there’s one thing that you should always beware about is the size and weight of the bat. Based on the Size Charts prescribed by the League and the USA Baseball Bat Authorities; you must always check what baseball bat dimensions would suit the health and fit of your child.

Standard and Compliance | being up to date with the new rules of League

Not many people would know that students can now opt for the 2 ⅝” bats and thus they might still be training with 2 ¼” bat which is like forsaking a welcome change in the norms. Transition from the smaller circumference bat to the more professional bat used in MBL and Pro Leagues becomes tedious when you carry it out for too long. Besides you don’t want you player to train with the wrong bat and then suffer with the right ones in pivotal games of his career.

Other points that you might want to take care of:-

Grip Material

| Please chose wisely between Leather, Fishskin and Treated Rubber grips for sweaty, not-so-sweaty and rough palms of your player.

Bat Material

| It’s always better to train with the traditional one piece wooden ones, because they deliver better training in terms of restitution and swing impact, helping your child to maintain a good league with more seasoned players. But in time if your child is not able to cope, please don’t continue with the monstrosity of the heavier bat, and get him a new one. In time you could move back to the traditional bat.

Little League | Road to Major and Pro Leagues

Now, equipped with all this information we believe that you can not miss the Best Baseball Bat when you chose online. This is the most comprehensive and most thoroughly tested list of Little League Baseball bats that you’re gonna anywhere because we made sure to go over all the factors of the new rules and confirmed out choices from School Coaches and League members. To choose a baseball bat especially when you’re in the process of reaching the Pro-Leagues and aren’t already there is very easy when one knows all the parameters, but the buyer eventually has to know these parameters and cracking the rules into simple version so as to understand which equipment to buy is a task in itself. But don’t worry we got you covered, just tell you young hitters to go out there and hit it really hard.