The 5 Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats to Buy in 2018

If you are interested in this item, you’ve probably seen loads of posts about the best slow pitch softball bats on the Internet and social media. Most players are rightfully concerned about the performance, however, each member of a slow-pitch softball league will have own thoughts and prefers. Choosing a bat best fitting for you is often crucial and difficult, so players usually read tons of reviews before making their decision to find the essential for them qualities from a hitting perspective.

The best slowpitch softball bat usually weighs from 26 to 30 ounces (with drop weights between -4 and -8) and measures around 34±1 inches in length. The barrel of a slowpitch bat is larger compared to a regular fastpitch bat and measures approx. 2.25 inches in a diameter in order to enhance distance and pop. Among all those slow pitch bats made of aluminum alloy, composite materials, or wood, we’ve selected the best options available in 2018 to help ease your choice.

2014 NT3 Juggy Slow Pitch Softball Bat by DeMarini

This model is a kind of an old-timer on the market of best slow pitch softball bats, nevertheless, it is still great. Popular and extremely high-rated, it has only one possible drawback, which is its slightly higher price. With this 34-inch, 26-ounce softball bat, you can rely on its unrivaled performance regarding the long ball. This bat delivers the optimum power, great for every type of swing. The leading-edge technology includes the stacked barrel construction. The stiff Big D end cap securely covers the tight barrel in order to perfectly keep the impact energy focused on the sweet spot. That results in the great pop and distance, as well as a fantastic feel. The barrel is built with a triple-wall technology and has a very heavily end-loaded construction that delivers a strong, lightweight hitting zone and ensures a springboard surface. Maybe, this style is not for everyone, so if you’d like not to be lofting the ball continually, you should go for something more balanced and take a look below.

2015 Lightning Legend End Load by Dudley

This mid-priced item still features a very high level of satisfaction among users. The advanced players series includes 34-inch, 26 to 29 ounces bats with fusion composite design. It optimally combines the state-of-the-art carbon fiber materials with the advanced tooling to give you the insane durability and the truly over-the-fence power. What makes it one of the best slowpitch softball bats? It is the grip spin technology, developed by the world-class engineers, that allows having an unmatched advantage on the field, including the ability to leave the pine tar, spray adhesive, and more. The 1-inch barrel features a massive sweet spot, an amazing backspin, and increased loft on your every hit. Special line drives enable long balls to go longer and carry father. This bat is a solid choice for a one who wants to create a hitting storm on the gaming field.

Solo Z 2016 USSSA Power Load Slow Pitch Bat by Louisville Slugger

This medium-priced, very best slowpitch softball bat is still gaining its popularity. This particular model will show the great satisfaction level among players who are in USSSA, NSA, and ISA approved leagues. If you want to enjoy a consistent, powerful performance at the plate, get this one-piece, 100% composite constructed bat. This softball bat features a standard 2.25-inch barrel diameter, 34-inch length and 26.5- to 28.6- ounce weight. The extra half-ounce end load delivers the additional aggressiveness and confidence due to the increased power-loaded swing weight. Along the barrel, a friction-blast, high-gloss finish provides more backspin, while the enhanced sweet spot delivers more hitting surface. All these constructive advantages allow sending the ball further than you ever could. The user-friendly 24/7 customer service works to cover any unpredicted situation.

2018 Supermax Denny Crine Signature USSSA Model by Miken

This product is referred to the best slow pitch softball bats, pricey ones. The DC-41 softball bat is 34 inches in length and weighing 26 ounces, it is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA. The 2-piece, fully composite technology utilizes the revolutionary formula that incorporates the aerospace-grade fiber and delivers the superior performance and durability. The 14-inch long barrel features a usual 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and the 1-ounce Supermax loaded end. In addition, the unique Flex 2 Power technology maximizes the overall bat head speed through the hitting zone by optimizing handle flex to barrel loading. The Triple Matrix core technology eliminates wall seams with a breakthrough carbonized process. Such a unique feature distinguishes this model from others and provides the maximum hitting power. Made in the USA, this purchase comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ONE O.G. Slow Pitch Softball Bat by DeMarini

This premium-class product belongs to the very best slowpitch softball bats and currently increases its popularity. This softball bat is approved to mash in all associations, including ASA, USSSA, ISA, and NSA. The 12-inch barrel is slightly stiffer and 100% composite; this type of barrels is used in Stadium Power series and guarantees the truly explosive performance. At the end of the barrel, the dish end cap with a concave design creates a mass stiffness. This drives the energy back towards and delivers right to the sweet spot. The ZnX Alloy handle flexes less, features the increased stiffness and durability, hence, it causes the barrel to deflect more. The combination of such a barrel and handle increases the overall barrel performance and makes it very specific and outstanding, the one the pitcher will remember. This product is backed by a 1-year warranty.


All the major governing bodies of softball leagues (the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), National, American Softball Association (ASA), National Softball Association (NSA), and the Independent Sports Association (ISA)) have different rules and guidelines, including the types of bats permitted.

So, the first factor of choice is the league you intend to play in. The next thing to determine is the size and weight, comfortable personally to you. Once you determine these specs, you can research the numerous design choices that set one best slowpitch softball bat apart from the other (balanced, end-loaded, and more). After you’ve found the best bat style perfectly working for you, you can explore the available innovative technologies and advanced features offered by the industry-leading producers of the best slow pitch softball bats.

However, the choice available is truly extended as a slow-pitch softball league accommodates athletes of different gender, age ranges, and skill level. Such a diverse player base requires the enlarged range of bats. You can rely on our best slow pitch softball bats review, or do your own research, it depends on how much time you are ready to spend choosing tour perfect match.